About us

Digital Asset Intelligence.

In recent years, the perception of wealth has rapidly evolved — due, in large part, to the effects of the Internet and disruptive changes in technology.  Well informed companies that migrate their services to digital platforms are in a strong position to control the economic scenario, whereas other well established companies gradually lose ground on the global stage.

For this reason, Cryptal invests in digital asset information in order to predict and identify when to best use this information for the benefit of its clients and associates.


Precise information, decision-making ability and our contributors' expertise.

In the last decades, digital assets have become more and more important in the global economic scenery. This has allowed technology companies to surpass others who had large stock values.

Having this in sight, Cryptal specialized in administering diverse information on digital assets, such as mining, trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies, development of high complexity platforms for extracting information in IT and transaction management systems in digital assets.

Engaging precise information, decision-making ability and our contributors’ expertise, the company manages digital assets, allowing for financial gains over them.