About us

Digital Asset Inteligence.

Enabled by the Internet and the changes on the concept of technology, the perception of physical richness was also modified by the market. Nowadays, companies who are migrating their services to digital platforms and hold most information also control the economic scenario, whereas other distinguished companies gradually loose space on the global outlook.

For this reason, Cryptal, a north-American company, invests in digital asset information in order to be able to predict and identify the best moment in which this acquired knowledge will turn into gains to its clients and associates.


Precise information, decision-making ability and our contributors' expertise.

In the last decades, digital assets have become more and more important in the global economic scenery. This allowed technology companies to surpass others who had large stock values.

Having this is sight, Cryptal specialized in administering various information on digital assets, such as mining, trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies, developing highly complex platforms for the extraction of information technology data and digital asset transaction management systems.

Engaging precise information, decision-making ability and our contributors’ expertise, the company manages digital assets, allowing for financial gains over them.

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